United neighbors/
vecinos unidos: 

The creation of UN/VU (United Neighbors/ Vecinos Unidos) is deeply rooted in the long-standing trusted relationship born over six years ago, between the residents of Parklane, The Genesis Project, and The Matthews House. In December 2021, all three parties became aware that Parklane Mobile Home Park was for sale, and an offer had been accepted from another buyer. Parklane Residents, The Genesis Project, and The Matthews House knew that they needed to act fast and do something given that current trends show that investors are buying up mobile home parks around the country, increasing rents dramatically, and leaving residents powerless in relation to the land their home sits on. Parklane residents desired more than to own their own homes but to have control of their community and livelihood. Through research and many conversations, UN/VU was created at the request of residents. UN/VU was then selected by Parklane residents as their assignee to purchase the park on their behalf, given the residents opportunity to purchase from HB20-1201. The goals, vision, and voice of Parklane residents have led the work of UN/VU in advocating for and supporting Parklane and will continue to do so. UN/VU and Parklane residents are preparing for a long journey ahead to discern what resident leadership, ownership, and governance look like in this particular context. UN/VU is committed to supporting housing justice and affordability, and values dignity, belonging, and community.

our commiment

We are committed to supporting local leaders in the Park Lane neighborhood (Newly named Nueva Vida Mobile home park) in order to best live out God’s call on our church to be a beacon of hope on our side of town.

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please contact tiffany@genesisfortcollins.com or sarah@un-vu.org

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A few photos of our community garden and playground.