Wanna Give Away is a yearly church-wide opportunity to serve our local community through various work projects and initiatives, random outbreaks of kindness, food, and a Family festival to celebrate the weekend!

Here's how the weekend will look. 

Lend a Hand, Encourage a heart, Renew hope.

As a "Wanna Give Away" project, we are providing food boxes for our neighbors in Park Lane in order to relieve some financial stress during these uncertain economic times. If you would like to contribute, please buy only the items listed in this Banner Below! Please buy the specific brand pictured unless noted otherwise.

Food can be dropped off June 16-June 23rd between 8am-5 pm in the Food Drive box in our lobby. On Friday the 18th please drop off food before 3 pm. You can also drop off these items during our weekend services on June 19th and 20th.
Thank you for your generosity!